2022 NLP Seminar – Cambridge: Connected Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is a powerful technology that is being applied in new and innovative ways across healthcare. Join our in-person seminar series to hear about the advances in NLP and machine learning techniques being applied within healthcare, pharma and government organizations. Learn about new applications for leveraging NLP to unlock key insights from unstructured text to improve patient outcome, safety assessment, brand awareness, and more.

The seminar will be focusing on topics such as precision medicine, risk adjustment, population health as well as generating high-quality data and insights for drug discovery, safety, regulatory and medical affairs teams.

The agenda will include presentations from client organizations using IQVIA NLP, as well as product updates and overview from IQVIA. There will also be opportunities for knowledge sharing, hands-on learning, and time to network with IQVIA NLP experts, customers and other seminar attendees.

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