3 players who have earned new contracts with the Los Angeles Lakers

There is going to be a lot of roster turnover on the Los Angeles Lakers after the most disappointing season in franchise history. While the main goal for the team is likely to trade Russell Westbrook, the Lakers still need to add in free agency as last year’s supporting cast was not great.

The problem is that even if Westbrook is traded, the salaries that the Lakers would take in return would still put the team over the luxury tax, which limits them still to only signing league-minimum players in free agency.

Thus, we may see some players from last year’s team return. While the Lakers should have an overhaul in the grand scheme of the roster, there are three players who earned another contract with LA.

The three players who earned another contract with the Los Angeles Lakers:

1. Malik Monk

This almost goes without saying as Malik Monk was one of the few bright spots on the Los Angeles Lakers last season. The question is not if Monk is deserving of a new contract with the Lakers, as he certainly is, but if the Lakers can actually afford to keep him around.

Monk absolutely increased his value with the Lakers and he is a very valuable microwave scorer off the bench. Any contending team should be interesting in adding a player like Monk to their rotation.

The hope for the Lakers is that his market value does not reach the Nontaxpayer Mid-Level Exception, as that would price him far out of the Lakers’ range. The most LA can offer him is the Taxpayer MLE, worth a projected $6.4 million next season.

Malik Monk did say in his exit interview that money is not going to be his driving factor this offseason and Lakers fans just have to hope that he is being sincere. That being said, no fan can blame Monk if he gets a four-year, $45+ million contract that he simply cannot say no to.

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