35 Times People Spotted Such Delusional Artists, They Just Had To Shame Them In This Online Group

We at bored panda have written about choosing beggars again, and again, and again, and still haven’t even scratched the surface of their ridiculous demands—there are simply too many!

But this time, we decided to look at the other side—the one that does the offering—and see if we can find any opportunists among them as well. Pretty soon, we discovered the subreddit ‘Delusional Artists’ and it gave us exactly what we were looking for.

This online community of 514,000 members constantly shares pictures that expose people with a warped understanding of their wealth. Thinking they’re the next big thing, these folks ask for thousands of dollars for their work, and probably expect that the Museum of Modern Art will give them a call any day now, begging to buy a piece for its collection.

I guess the key takeaway here is that people are funny. No matter where you look, someone will find a way to surprise you.

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