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The British capital is the home of pie and mash. This is after all where the idea for this simple yet filling dish originated way back in the 19th century. The meal consists of a juicy minced beef pie, mashed potatoes, and a parsley gravy called liquor. Simple, isn’t it? Although nowadays, the pie can zhuzhed up with chicken, steak or lamb to give all you foodies plenty of variety. So while you may have had this street food many times, you may have missed the authenticity if you haven’t been to these pie and mash shops run by various different families dotted about town. And though some of the most famous ones have unfortunately shut down, there are still plenty of places to get this delicious staple. Here’s a rundown of the best shops rustling up some of the best pie and mash in London:

1. Maureen’s Pie and Mash

know as one of the oldest pie and mash shops in the city, Maureen’s has been around for over sixty-two years. This foodie heaven boasts unmatched family recipes handed down through the generations. Also known as Maureen’s Cockney Food Bar, they’re famous for serving outstanding and affordable pie and mash, which is unique to their brand and pulls in crowds from all over the city.

Freshly baked every morning, the beef pies are a delight, using the finest cuts of beef that are pretty much melt-in-your-mouth. Careful whipping and seasoning make their mashed potatoes a welcome addition, and the secret family recipe for liquor tastes like fresh mint and pure bloody heaven. Other things on the menu include salt beef beigels and jellied eels, and they’ve got pies without the meat too which is great for veggies.

You’ll find Maureen’s at 6 Market Way, Chrisp Street Market, London, E14 6AH. Nearest stations are All Saints and Langdon Road.

2. BJ’s Pie and Mash

BJ’s has been serving traditional street food in East London for three decades. A small and humble shop that does what it promises; great pie and mash served in ample portions and doused with an excellent and thick liquor sauce. They also serve jellied and stewed eels for those in the mood to try some authentic and traditional cockney food.

As well as pie and mash, they also rustle up chips cooked in lard – so loosen the waistband and make sure you come on an empty stomach. With friendly staff too, it’s no wonder that they’ve been serving repeat customers for decades.

You’ll find BJ’s Pie and Mash at Flat 330 Barking Road, London, E13 8HL. Nearest station is Canning Town.

3. M. Manze

Another legendary establish serving pie and mash in London, M. Manze, has been around all the way since 1902. Their commitment to flavor helped them expand to more locations in Peckham and Sutton besides the original spot by Tower Bridge.

Freshness at inexpensive prices‘ is their motto. They source the freshest cuts and use no offal or filler meats to make their fresh minced beef pies. A decent layer of gravy garnishes each pie before it’s put into the oven to get that golden hue and flaky texture. They’ve also got pies that cater to veggies and vegans too.

What’s even better is that while the potatoes are all cooked early in the morning, they’re only mashed post-order, so you just know that it’ll be the tastiest mash you’ll find in town. They also believe in serving everything unpreserved, and make their delicious parsley liquor every morning. Add in their gravy which contains a ‘secret, special ingredient‘, and you’ve got your hands on some of the best pie and mash in London.

You will find M. Manze at various locations in London. You can find out more here.

4. Cockney’s Pie and Mash

A West London haunt of people who really love pie and mash, Cockney’s has been a household name for many years – and people can’t stop coming back so we’d recommend booking a spot at weekends. However, you’ll find a lot of differences in the style of serving and cooking here, so this isn’t just your regular pie and mash…

The pie served here ie is a little burnt with a hint of spice, and you can opt to cover it in the regular vinegar or the one infused with peppers for that little bit of extra tang. Add in soft, buttery and fluffy mash, and mushy peas at the weekends, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a hearty and affordable meal.

You’ll find Cockney’s at 314 Portobello Road, London, W10 5RU. Nearest stations are Westbourne Park and Ladbroke Grove.

5. Goddards at Greenwich

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We couldn’t continue this list of authentic pie and mash shops without mentioning Goddards. A Greenwich establishment and frequently dubbed the best pie and mash shop in the whole of London, this friendly spot is the place to come if you’re looking to delve into the city’s culinary history. Open since 1890 and run by the same family since then, you’ll be able to tuck into a traditional meal of pie, liquor and mash with a side of jellied or stewed eels.

Aware that this isn’t to everyone’s taste, they’ve also whipped up a range of steak, chicken, lamb and vegetarian options as an alternative to the standard filling of minced beef with added stock. If you’ve still got room you can indulge your sweet tooth with handmade fruit crumble with custard – you can’t get more British than that.

You’ll find Goddards at 22 King William Walk, Greenwich, SE10 9HU. Nearest stations are Cutty Sark and Greenwich.

6. G Kelly

George Kelly’s has been known as one of the best pie and mash shops in London for decades now – especially in the East End. Revamped and renovated during the lockdowns of 2020, it now has the vintage look of a white-tiled café decked out with marble tables, that can’t help but transport you back to the good ol’ days of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

They’ve maintained the tradition of the authentic old London’s traditional pie and mash, but have added their own little urban twist, which has to be experienced in person. They’ve recently upgraded their menus to include vegan mince pies, and all of the above comes with generous helpings of buttery mash and lashings of gravy – best washed down with mugs of proper British tea of ​​course. If you’re up for it, order some of their jellied or stewed eels and watch the old-timers engaging in healthy banter with the waiters – you can’t get more London than that.

You’ll find G Kelly at 526 Roman Road, Old Ford, London, E3 5ES. Nearest stations are Bow Road and Mile End.

7. Arment WJ and Son Pie, Mash and Eel House

Rounding off this list of the best pie and mash in London is Arment’s – a family-run spot that is a whole century-old. From what people say, their flavors haven’t changed much in the past four to five decades, and their steak pies made from ‘100% high-grade lean beef steak‘ which’ll leave you smitten – mark our words! They’ve also won several awards throughout the years for their food quality and their hygiene too.

You’ll find Arment’s at Pie House, 7-9 Westmoreland Road, London, SE17 2AX. Nearest station is Elephant and Castle.

These shops listed above have been serving authentic pie and mash in London throughout the years, and are keeping the tradition alive even after more than a century. Why not pay then all a visit and toast to their commitment hey?!

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