A map to help you locate your closest democracy sausage, vegetarian or halal snack or cupcake! -Breakfast

Are you heading to a polling place purely for the democracy sausage?

Either because you have already voted, or are ineligible to vote? Be honest!

The Democracy Sausage Project was created in 2013 by a group of friends who work as data scientists.

The real-time crowd-sourced map of sausage and cake availability at Australian elections continues to expand.

This year the map includes halal options and a number of overseas electoral places including London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and Port Moresby.

A number of stalls are directing profits to support Ukrainian refugees and in the ACT more than 50 Parents & Citizens Associations are preparing to host BBQ’s and cake stalls to fundraise for student services.

ABC Canberra’s Adrienne Francis spoke to Alex Dawson from the Democracy Sausage Project who wants you to submit your community fundraising stalls.

Submit your stall: Democracy Sausage | Federal Election 2022

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