American Idol winner Samantha Diaz is in the hospital and needs serious help

Samantha Diaz also known as Just Sam and American Idol 2020 winner has been admitted to the hospital at the beginning of the week and it seems it is very serious.

She ended up in the hospital

During her stay at the hospital, she kept updating her Instagram feed and stories where she was in the hospital’s facilities and she uploaded pictures where apparently she is 100lb and saying she needed help.

100 pounds

“100lbs is crazyyy… I seriously need help.” However, she did not mention why she needed help or why she was at the hospital. She shared “Thank you to everyone that checked on me. I am ALIVE and out of the hospital.”

According to Heavy dot com, she received a gift card that read, “I love you so much. I just wanted to send you a lil something to show my appreciation. I hope you feel better”

She uploaded videos

While also sharing a video saying, “Guys, look at what my baby got me. Awwww! After such a horrible day, oh my gosh! I need a better hospital bruh,” she wrote. “I hate it here tbh.”

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In 2020, the Harlem singer was crowned the season 3 winner during a live (and remote) virtual episode of Idol.

She started singing at the Brooklyn subway

During the American Idol show she said that “My grandmother has been saying that she doesn’t believe that people like us can have their dreams come true,” Diaz, previously said on Idol. “This is proof to her!”

And also “I kept on pushing, kept on singing, and look where it’s brought me, I hope to inspire all the little girls who believe their dreams can’t come true. Anyone can do it.”

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