As Josh Duggar Awaits Sentencing, His Wife Anna Has Started Quietly Making Some Changes

For a time after Josh Duggar was found guilty on two counts of receiving and possessing child pornography, a spotlight was shined on his life inside prison, behaviors that included myriad phone calls to his wife Anna Duggar, who remained by his side throughout the trial and despues de. As Josh awaits sentencing next month, though, Anna Duggar has started making some changes on her own.

First and foremost, Anna has potentially been working to secure her own and her seven children’s futures. According to reports, Anna has been creating LLC’s in recent months as well as selling the home that she and Josh Duggar had planned to renovate before his arrest. users on Reddit found the evidence of a new LLC being created, also speculating that Duggar may be trying to get joint assets put into her own name in order to protect those assets. Though that’s just speculation, Josh Duggar could be facing ends of up to $250,000 on each aforementioned count, leaving questions about where that money would come from.

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