Axiom Space arrives in Winston-Salem

WINSTON-SALEM, NC — Axiom Space, credited with launching the first private citizens into orbit, is establishing a presence in the Triad.

Together the entities are developing research and manufacturing for regenerative medicine in space.

WFIRM Director, Dr. Anthony Atala said, “It is that interaction between industry in the testbed and these companies in the RegenMed Hub, that will lead us to the next generation of products as they develop the new technologies for the future of manufacturing. So everybody wins and here in Winston-Salem, we win because we have all these elements in one place.”

“If you can do something on orbit, that you can’t do here on the ground, that can truly help patients, those are the kind of breakthroughs that we would like to bring back and this is the team that will help us do it.” ,” said Janna Stoudemire, Commercial Innovation Strategy Lead for Axiom Space.

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