Big Truck Crashes in Sunset Park – NBC New York

Emergency crews are responding to a boom truck collapse at a construction site near The Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, according to preliminary information from NYC buildings officials and an aerial view from Chopper 4.

The Department of Buildings confirmed a boom truck delivery vehicle, not a crane, as social media initially indicated it might be, collapsed into a building at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park. It said it had no initial reports of injuries in connection with the 9:30 am collapse. Buildings department officials say they are heading to the scene.

Details on the nature of the construction project, including the operator, weren’t immediately clear.

Chopper 4 showed a large boom crane collapsed sideways in the middle of a debris-filled alleyway. It wasn’t clear how many neighboring buildings could be affected or whether evacuations were ordered.

From another angle, Citizen app footage shows yellow caution tape stretching across a chunk of residential sidewalk at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue. Workers in hard hats are seen appearing to direct pedestrian traffic in the area, while some large truck — apparently the boom — was partially wedged inside a building. Debris was seen scattered over the scene.

No other details were immediately available.

Emergency crews are responding to some sort of collapse at a building near The Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, video posted to the Citizen app early Wednesday shows.

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