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It’s International Beer Day and what better way to celebrate than checking out one of Canberra’s very own breweries, Capital Brewing Co?

They’re local. They’re sustainable. They’re delicious. They’re… well I think you get the picture.

With a glass of Alc-Less in hand, a roaring fire beside me, and cult favorite Brodburger serving up all the goodness, it is no surprise that even on a weekday this Dairy Road hot spot is bustling with activitythe perfect choice for the beer snob, beer novice, and non-drinker alike.

If you’re only experience of drinking beer is stealing a sip of grandad’s VB on a hot summer’s day as a kid (and immediately regretting that decision), getting into craft beer can be a bit (or a lot) overwhelming.

“We want our beers to be inclusive and we want everyone who enjoys drinking beer to be able to drink our beer at their local brewerynot pick it up and go ‘oh this is way too intense for me’. But we’ve also got those really intense beers as well,” co-founder and managing director Laurence Kain explains.

“Coast Ale and XPA are two of our most popular beers and the thing that I really like about them is if you’re Uncle Norm used to smashing VB’s, you can pick up a Coast Ale and it’s non-offensive. Or if you are a craft beer enthusiast you can drink it and enjoy a really well-made Californian Common Ale.”

For the more adventurous souls, there’s a specialty brew with your name on it.

“We produce our core range of products which a really broad range of people are going to like and then we produce some things that are more led by the brew team and are really creative,” says Laurence.

How creative you might ask? Well with names like Acid Cream Sour and Tiki Time Hazy IPA you can be guaranteed these aren’t your stock standard sipsand you can guarantee that once they’re released, they don’t stay available for long.

“It’s produced by people rather than machines, so there’s a lot more interaction with the product and you get something that is actually made by a person. It’s kind of like going to a restaurant versus going to McDonald’s,” explains Laurence.

Dry July has wrapped up but for some, it’s continuing lifestyle choice and for others. And while it has inspired them to cut back, that doesn’t mean they can’t crack a cold one on a Friday night.

cue Alc-LessCapital Brewing Co’s entrance into the alcohol-free beer market.

“We love beer, right? But you don’t want to be drinking alcohol all the time. So, it’s about how do you enjoy a beer that’s alcoholic and non-alcoholic and just make sure that you’ve got a good amount of moderation?” explains Laurence.

You might think there might not be much more to offer from this local brewery but believe me we are only tapping the surface of what Capital Brewing Co has to offer.

If you’ve noticed a few more trees gracing the hills on your drive to the ski fields, you aren’t mistaken.

Trees for Tomorrow is something we established a couple of years ago. Traditionally breweries give out stubby holders or beanies or hats, and we were doing that too. You know you’re giving away thousands of these items and then you think about where are they now? Chances are they’re all sitting in someone’s cupboard or they’re in a landfill. So now in the winter, we’re doing Trees for Tomorrow, where every time someone buys a beer, it goes toward planting another tree,” explains Laurence.

“We’re talking tens and tens of thousands of dollars worth of promotional merchandise out of the economy which is good but still getting that promotional piece to happen. It was just rethinking the way we did it.”

They certainly don’t do things by half measures and tackling climate change is no exception, becoming Australia’s first Climate Active certified fully carbon neutral brewery and hoping to inspire other breweries to follow.

“I prefer to think of it not as sustainability but as responsibility as a business—not exploiting people and just taking the easiest route with everything because it will make you the most money but just putting a little bit of thought into it and going ‘is there a better way to do this?’” says Laurence.

Creating good-natured brews that let you crack open a can knowing that you aren’t hurting the planet, hop across to Dairy Road this weekend to cheers the end of the week and celebrate International Beer Day.


WHAT: Capital Brewery Co.
WHERE: Building 3/1 Dairy Rd, Fyshwick

Photos supplied by Capital Brew Co.

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