David Shrigley Limited Edition Print Release 2022

David Shrigley will release eight new limited edition prints online and at his Shrig Shop brick and mortar in Copenhagen.

Each print features a whimsical drawing characteristically showcasing the British artist’s dry sense of humor. When reflecting on his work by him, Shrigley has noted in a past interview that some describe his use of humor as a color in his own right. But more than just having a laugh, Shrigley stated that when he makes a drawing, he’s “looking for it to be something different, to say something interesting, something that perhaps I’ve never said before, something that I don’t fully understand . So it’s a bit like a proposition to myself really.”

All eight artworks are limited to an edition of 250, but will come unnumbered and unsigned. The prints will release this Saturday, April 9 at the Shrig Shop in Copenhagen and will see an online release the following day at 10am CEST.

In related news, KAWS released the long-awaited KACHAMUKKU vinyl toys.

Shrig Shop
Tullingsgade 3,
1618 Kobenhavn, Denmark

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