Dinner with Friends at Golden Age Cinema and Bar

Head to the Paramount House basement for an intimate evening, with a garlic-heavy dinner, a screening of a food-centric documentary and live music.

The subterranean theatertte in what was once the Paramount Pictures studio office in Surry Hills is the next spot for Dinner With Friends, a series of dining experiences in beautiful places that first took over Paramount Recreation Club upstairs.

Right Angle Studio – which owns Golden Age Cinema & Bar and the Rec Club – is behind the series, alongside Mediterranean-inspired catering company Aplenty, fruity candlemaker Nonna’s Grocer and luxe linen label Cultiver.

This time, there’s a film screening in addition to the dinner. The intimate theater is showing 1980 documentary Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers – and yes, it’s about garlic. Director Les Blank recommends setting up a toaster oven with several heads of garlic inside at the rear of the theater to fill the room with the comforting aroma, but the team here is taking it a step further.

Expect a savory, garlicky dinner that includes canapés and a winter soup before the film, then a hearty main served over a bed of braised young garlic after, plus live music by surf rock band The Good Boys.

Tickets cost $165 per person and include both the feast and film.


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