Drake Said He’s Getting ‘Bullied’ By Geese In His Backyard & It’s Relatable AF

Summer is great in Ontario because of the warm and toasty weather, but locals tend to forget about all the wildlife that also loves enjoying basking in the heat.

The streets of Toronto are filled with pedestrians, cyclists, dogs and geese? But unfortunately, while most of the city is hanging out on patios and parks, others are unable to enjoy their backyards, more specifically, the one and only Drake.

Drizzy posted to his Instagram story on Thursday, showing his followers his beautiful backyard that happens to host some wildlife.

Drake can be heard saying, “it’s the hottest day in the year and we can’t even enjoy the backyard because we’re being f*cking bullied by these two right here.” The rapper zooms in on two geese that are just chilling and looking around the backyard as if they own the place.

The best part is that they aren’t even taking in all the Vitamin D, they are straight-up sitting in the shade. Isn’t that just hilarious!

Apparently, the two birds “have literally sh*t on every inch of the property for the last month and a half, you know how geese get,” Drizzy adds.

Yes Drake, Toronto really does feel your struggle because they do know how geese get.

To make matters worse, Drake also spotted a duck family.

“Feel free to slide into my DMs give these two a name, trying to find some joy in this,” he concludes.

Don’t you think the geese must’ve known who’s backyard to claim as theirs? Just imagine tanning on Drake’s nicely cut grass and quiet surroundings. Doesn’t that sound like any living thing’s paradise?

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