Elevate Wellness Summit raises awareness for workplace mental health

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)– Feeling stressed at work? The Elevate Wellness Summit took place on Tuesday at the Grand Wayne Convention center where the summit touched upon issues concerning mental health and addiction in the workplace.

The Elevate Summit is the first of its kind in Fort Wayne, where nearly 86 participants representing local Human Resource departments attended in hopes of providing knowledge and resources to help employees and their mental health.

“Times are changing in our workforce since the pandemic, we’re seeing an increase in people quitting their jobs and not coming back to jobs. And so we’re really trying to look at it from the educational standpoint of what can we do differently to help people and meet them right where they’re at,” Alicia Wells, director of public relations for Allendale Treatment center and Fort Wayne recovery said.

The event featured around 7 speakers who conducted various training sessions for HR professionals. Trainings included creating a mentally healthy workplace culture, making sure the mental health needs of employees are met, and an optional Narcan training session.

“Our hope is that the participants today will engage, hear something new, and be able to take this back to their workplace and change the culture so we’re able to reach more people and get them the help that they need,” Wells said .

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