Environmental activist Rob Greenfield is wearing his trash for one month to get people’s attention

The average person creates about five pounds of trash per day according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. To show how much that can add up in one month, environmental activist Rob Greenfield is wearing his trash around the streets of Los Angeles.

“I try to live near zero-waste life. I go to extreme measures to create as little garbage as I possibly can. But for the month, I’m setting aside my ethics and my morals and instead just floating along in the breeze of consumerism,” Greenfield said.

The North Carolina resident chose to come to LA specifically for this campaign. His goal is to try to grab people’s attention. That way, Greenfield can interact with people and share solutions in being less wasteful.

His one rule is that any time he leaves the house this month, he has to put on his trash suit.

“I felt like a wasteful loser when I saw him and I will not be drinking coffee out of a paper cup anymore,” Melinda Spigel said.

Greenfield says the suit is easy to put on. It’s made of big, thick, recycled plastic pockets according to designer Nancy Judd.

“At the end of a month, he’s gonna have more than 100 pounds that he needs to carry. So for me, it was so fun to figure that out of how can that work,” Judd said.

When it comes to saving the planet, Greenfield wants people to start small. Minimize your waste one reusable coffee cup at a time.

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