Google Maps Street View is turning 15 – and getting an upgrade to celebrate

Street View is turning 15 years old and to celebrate Google is updating the smartphone version of the feature.

From today you can boot up the Street View app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and you’ll be able to look back through Google’s archive. Don’t have it installed? You can find it on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Just like time traveling with Street View on the PC, start by dropping into the location you want to see a past version of. Then, at the bottom of your screen look for the pull-out menu bar and you should see “See more dates” at the top of it.

How to time travel using Street View on your Smartphone (Image credit: Google Maps)

Click on this and you can scroll back to various points in time – though be warned that for some places your options will be a lot more limited than others.

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