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Daughters are relieved to see Greenway Views providing better aged care solutions.

This is branded content for Aspire Aged Care at LDK Greenway Views.

Standards of care have inevitably been pushed higher in the aged sector in recent years, and the demands of concerned adult children have rightfully challenged existing care models. But the industry still struggles to find solutions that put aging residents first, maintaining their independence while meeting the additional care requirements that come with the later years.

One innovative company has trailblazed the way forward, proving that better models of care exist and bringing these ambitions to life. Meet Aspire Aged Care, a new and improved care initiative by LDK Seniors Living.

Set in the impressive, purpose-built Greenway Views village, Aspire Aged Care consists of 117 beautifully appointed, self-contained apartments. The apartments are expertly designed, with modern furnishings and luxe interiors. Each apartment seeks to preserve the independence of residents, with fully equipped kitchens, laundries, and balconies with ample space for resident’s precious belongings.

Aspire aged care residents live in modern apartments, with their own kitchens and laundries.

Designed to allow residents to live their later years to their fullest, Aspire apartments provide a home that residents are proud to welcome visiting family members into – an often overlooked detail in traditional aged care facilities. They’re also pet friendly, acknowledging the happiness that furry companions can provide to residents.

The real difference comes with the personalized approach to care that Aspire delivers. Registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with emergency response systems installed in every room. There are other advanced technologies in place like circadian lighting and passive sensor monitoring that improve the comfort of dementia patients and ensure fast reaction times in emergencies.

Each level of care is catered to, from low to high, including dementia, palliative and end of life care. The Aspire ‘One Move Promise’ is the first of its kind and ensures residents every need is catered to, without the requirement to upheave lives when health situations change.

CEO Bryon Cannon explains that LDK’s Aspire Aged Care model is a product of comprehensive research into the gaps of the sector, after going directly to consumers and asking about their wishes for their own, or their parents’ living arrangements.

Nurses are available to Aspire Aged Care residents 24 hours a day.

“From a resident standpoint, our research told us that they did not they wanted to be in a nursing home, they wanted to receive care until the end in their own home,” he said.

“They also wanted simplicity, certainty and transparency in their contracts and financial arrangements with the operator.

“From a family standpoint, they wanted assurance that their mother or father was receiving quality, personalized care as needed, and was happy living in a place that was the best they deserved and truly worthy of them – which is not a nursing home.”

Greenway Views Village is the underpinning that allows the Aspire Aged Care model to exist with so much success.

“Residents here live a vibrant lifestyle in their own beautiful apartments, receive all levels of care 24/7 in their own home, and through LDK’s One Move Promise, have certainty they will be cared for until the end without ever having to move again, Mr Cannon said.

“A true testimony of LDK’s difference was best captured in the words from a resident who said that ‘staff here do not just care for her husband, they genuinely care about her husband.'” Mr Cannon said.

Aspire Aged Care sounds too good to be true, but perhaps you have to see it to believe it. Visit their website to book a tour or inquire today.

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