I Illustrate My Experience As A Modern-Day Parent In 30 Comics With A Feline Twist (New Pics)

I’m Chesca Hause or “Cat Mom” ​​as I’ve been dubbed online. I may not be the #1 MOM, but I’m not doing so bad and I find people’s flaws (especially my own) a huge source of amusement. I think that’s why a million people over various platforms now follow Litterbox Comics – people enjoy laughing at the mess of life together!

I started the comic 4 years ago because I had a hard time being a mom. I found comfort in sharing the ridiculous things that happened and building a community of moms who got it. What I didn’t anticipate was how many non-moms would enjoy my comic too!

Although I still create some word-for-word comics from things that happened in real life, I consider the Cat Family to be their own “people” and hope to keep being able to draw their adventures even as my own kids grow.

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