Inside Biologique Recherche’s New Los Angeles Ambassade—Its First Spa and Retail Space Stateside

Plenty of spas in Los Angeles offer Biologique Recherche products, but only the Ambassade has the full range and offers treatments with techniques from therapists trained by the Paris spa director. Similar to the France location, Melrose Place offers treatments by time increments; clients specify a focus on hair, face, or body. In an average facial, which can start with a Skin Instant diagnostic test that uses technology to assess the epidermis, a therapist might apply 10 products—all customized to what the skin needs in that moment. Biologique Recherche’s approach is served cold: products are cold pressed during formulation; and chilled towels, masks, and cryo sticks are applied to the skin in service of de-puffing, tightening, and brightening. The methodology avoids invasive extractions—relying instead on an exfoliating mask and a Remodeling Face electrotherapy machine to pull out imperfections. Much of the toning in a service happens through a therapist’s hands. “All of the facial movements will be upwork, lifting the skin,” explains Vivian Henein, the spa director, of the manipulation techniques that activate the lymphatic nodes. In addition to plumping and targeting fine lines, it should be noted that these massage techniques are also so relaxing that they can induce sleep on that Italian massage bed (or so I hear).

There are plans for more US Ambassades, which may be necessary once word gets out about the LA location. “Of course, we want people to be able to find P50 more easily and not run around the world, but we also want to present and make the whole Biologique Recherche methodology known,” says Allouche. “It’s about the whole vision, approach, and methodology we take to the skin.”

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