‘It’s not okay to be fat in the Army’, forces fitness instructor says

A fitness instructor in the British Army has suggested the “body positivity” movement promotes obesity and will create a generation unable to cope with life in the forces.

Farren Morgan, a Coldstream Guard, believes younger soldiers are increasingly “shocked” by the reality of joining the Army and warned that having a force made up of overweight troops could have serious implications for “operational effectiveness”.

Lance Sergeant Morgan, 36, said many new recruits join up thinking that “being happy is all that matters.”

He claimed young men and women were bombarded with adverts on television and online urging them to “embrace their bodies” despite the possible health implications of being obese.

He said: “My job is to help people get into the Army and into the military.

“Young recruits’ brains are like sponges and I know lots of them watch TV day in and day out.

“They see these [body positive] images in the media, promoting an unhealthy lifestyle [while] celebrities say ‘it’s okay to eat what you want, as long as you’re happy’.

“That’s wrong. Being overweight puts more stress on the NHS and if this trend becomes a widespread way of thinking among younger recruits, you will knock off a lot of the operational effectiveness of the Army.”

A shock for recruits

LSgt Morgan, who works as a physical training instructor for the Coldstream Guards in Westminster, London, said that millennials in general needed to “man up” and stop pretending it’s “okay” to be fat.

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