Kamloops woman arrested following reports of botched cosmetic procedures

A Kamloops, BC, woman has been arrested on allegations she has been fraudulently providing medical cosmetic procedures to the local community.

In a statement Thursday, the Kamloops Mounties said they had arrested the woman following a series of complaints and searched a private residence in the North Shore neighborhood where she allegedly performed the treatments.

“Police were made aware of the allegations earlier this month, and since then, investigators have spoken to several people who have reported receiving botched procedures,” said Kamloops RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Crystal Evelyn.

RCMP said they had released the woman on conditions pending the investigation and potential charges.

‘Real wild west’ situation in BC beauty industry

The BC government doesn’t currently require providers of beauty services — such as hairstyling, esthetics or nail art — to pass an exam to prove that they had a minimum level of training after it deregulated the industry and repealed the Cosmetologists Act in 2003.

This has led to a “real wild west” situation where anybody can perform beauty services, says Greg Robins, executive director of the Beauty Council of Western Canada, an organization that seeks to heighten the quality of the BC beauty industry by offering exams and certifications in safety, sanitation and competence.

“Unfortunately, there are no firm rules in place to make sure that individuals who are not properly trained and educated can provide these services or even go so far as to get a business license,” Robins said.

He says consumers need not be overly concerned as the beauty industry is generally very safe, but recommends they do their homework by checking their Google reviews and education credentials.

“It’s just wise to take a second look [and] make sure you know what you’re getting into,” he said. “If the procedure is at all invasive, go to a reputable outlet that you know and can trust.”

The RCMP are asking anyone with information related to its investigation to come forward and contact them at 250-828-3000.

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