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Karishma Tanna sweats it out in the gym with hubby Varun Bangera and their kickboxing session along with HIIT training is all the fitness inspo and couple workout goals we need to take us through the rest of the week | Check viral video and health benefits of the exercise inside

ByZarafshan ShirazDelhi

Just when we thought nothing can push us out of our airconditioned rooms to burn the calories at gym in this sweltering heat, television hottie Karishma Tanna changed our mind as she dropped a viral video of hers exercising with hubby Varun Bangera. Sweating it out in the gym with “bae” Varun Bangera, Karishma gave a glimpse of their kickboxing session along with HIIT training and that is all the fitness inspo and couple workout goals we need to take us through the rest of the week.

Taking to her social media handle, Karishma shared the monochrome video that gave fans and fitness enthusiasts a glimpse of her robust exercise session. Donning a black sports bra, teamed with a pair of gray tights, Karishma completed her athleisure look with a pair of white sneakers while Varun donned all black sporty attire.

Together they kicked a punching bag before them and practiced impressive pad work with their trainer as a part of their HIIT training. ‘High intensity interval training’ known as HIIT is a time-efficient but safe alternative to traditional types of moderate long term exercise that involves running or cycling at almost maximum effort for a minute and then resting for a minute before repeating the process around 10 times .

It is a form of cardiovascular training or interval training that alternates between short bursts of intense exercise and even shorter rest and recovery periods. Karishma captioned the video, “Tick Tick Boom Gangster workout wit bae @varun_bangera #reels #reelsinstagram #love #trending #hiit #training (sic).”


Kick boxing is a motivating fitness routine and apart from a heart-pumping cardio, it helps in total body workout to whip one into shape in no time. It reduces stress, releases endorphins which give a boost to the mood and help one feel more confident, burns over 800 calories per hour, tones up the entire body and is a perfect cross-training workout.

Its added benefits include giving the body and mind a boost, increasing energy levels by breathing hard and sweating out toxins. It also builds up the core muscles and for those who are hunched over a computer all day – it helps better the posture apart from making one reach their fitness goals.

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