KR&B singer-songwriter Junny coming to Vancouver to perform

How long does it take for a dream to come true? For Korean-Canadian singer-songwriter Junny, the answer is over a decade.

Born in South Korea, Junny moved to Vancouver when he was four. Growing up in a family that enjoyed singing and music, Junny always felt music was his natural calling from him. Around 14, he wrote his first song by him; at 22, he debuted with his single “Thank You” and garnered industry attention; one year later, he took a leap of faith and moved to Seoul to continue pursuing his dream of him.

Now coined as a “genius singer-songwriter,” Junny is coming back with a full-length album and is ready to embark on his first North American tour visiting eleven cities across America and Canada, with his hometown Vancouver being a “special” stop .

“It feels surreal,” said Junny. “When I was younger, I imagined myself performing at the Harbor Centre, thinking it would be a dream, and now it’s coming true!”

“I really worked my butt off to where I am now,” Junny told the Korea Herald.

Named after his new album, the upcoming tour will reflect Junny’s diverse music styles and offer a balance of both new and old songs to satisfy fans.

The title “blanc,” Junny explained, is a metaphor for his personal experience.

“I think of myself as a blank canvas,” said Junny in a statement. “Looking back at life, I am greatly influenced by the people I’m surrounded by, absorbing their colours.”

Junny translated these experiences and emotions into songs, including the recently pre-released track “color me” from his upcoming album, whose music video on YouTube has garnered thousands of hundreds of views.

‘It all starts from home,’ says Vancouver-raised Junny

With his new album, Junny hopes to show the colors of his early and mid-twenties. Each track goes back in time to explore Junny’s past experiences in chronological order, from his “good days” growing up in Vancouver to his experience of personal growth in Seoul.

“It’s a very personal project,” Junny said in a statement. “I wanted to show people how my canvas eventually turned out to be.”

Growing up as a “third culture kid” in Vancouver, Junny used to listen to Korean music at home and Western hip-pop, rock and R&B music outside. His multicultural background allowed him to explore various musical genres and find his distinct musical color, “turning his quirk into a perk.”

Junny has now become one of the most in-demand KR&B singer-songwriters, having collaborated with popular artists, like Chung Ha, ph-1 and JAY B, and composed for EXO members, IU, NCT and more.

Now calling both Canada and Korean “home,” Junny told Vancouver Is Awesome that the people he met, the things he went through and the thoughts he lived with shaped who he is today.

“The me from yesterday and right now, and our tomorrow that’s approaching, it all starts from home…,” Junny translated his experience to the song “From home“I co-wrote for NCT.

Junny: The ‘blanc’ Tour

when: Sep 8, 2022 at 7 pm

where: Harbor Event & Convention Center – 750 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver

Cost: $57.66 – $143.76. Buy tickets online

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