Largest public artwork by an Australian artist unveiled in the Sydney CBD – City Hub Sydney

Maria Fernanda Cardoso.

A major new public artwork inspired by the natural movement of water has been unveiled in Sydney’s CBD by one of Australia’s most celebrated contemporary artists. Ripples and Droplets, a mural by Maria Fernanda Cardoso, spans the length of one wall of a 36-storey residential tower in the center of Sydney. Standing 11 storehey high and covering 335 square metres, the mural is believed to be the largest public artwork by an Australian artist in the Sydney CBD.

Maria Fernanda Cardoso worked closely with the architect, Angelo Candalepas, since the inception of the project in 2014, and developed the work with public art curator Amanda Sharrad. While the brief has evolved over time, the result is consistent with many of the themes that have guided her practice for decades.

Cardoso’s design features a series of concentric circles and spirals, like ripples on a pond. The design also evokes the silky thread of a spider web and reflects the broad direction of her creative career. Cardoso is fascinated by the natural geometry of the world, and this work has allowed her to magnify the sort of details that remain hidden from sight.

Ripples and Droplets can be seen on the north facing wall above the entrance lane that runs between the Castlereagh Street facade of 116 Bathurst Street and the Porter House hotel beside it. The work is designed to be seen laterally, given most vantage points will be from across the street or from beneath.

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