Listing for ‘Literal Tree House’ Confuses Internet: ‘Imagine All the Ants’

A property listing in California boasting five dwelling units, one being a “literal tree house,” has gone viral on social media.

Samir Mezrahi (@zillowgonewild) posted photos of the property in a Twitter thread on Sunday. The tweets have amassed a combined total of over 100,000 likes and thousands of replies from commenters who couldn’t understand the property’s appeal, specifically, the allure of its “tree house.”

Located in Pismo Beach, the 6.69-acre “canyon retreat” has nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms between its five dwelling units—the “tree house,” a museum, a carriage house, a shed and the “main house,” according to its Zillow listing. The property also boasts two RV sites, a “zen yoga platform” and a man-made cave that is “perfect for storing wine.”

The sprawling property is listed for $3,800,000 or $760 per square foot.

A property listing in California boasting five dwelling units, one being a “literal tree house,” has gone viral on social media. Many commenters imagined the problems that could be lurking within.

The Pismo Beach Housing Market

The property’s pricing seems to be on par with some of the city’s past listings.

In June, Pismo Beach’s median listing home price per square foot was $799, and the median listing home price was $1,500,000, explained. Further, the median home sold price was also $1,500,000, the same as the city’s median listing price.

According to the website, the city’s market was “balanced” in June, meaning the “supply and demand of homes [were] about the same.” Unfortunately, Pismo Beach’s housing market isn’t representative of the country as a whole.

In a June 16 press conference, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the inventory of finished homes is “historically low.” As a result, home prices may “keep going up.”

“We need to get back to a place where supply and demand are back together. And where inflation is down low again and mortgage rates are low again,” Powell said. “So this will be a process whereby ideally we do our work in a way that the housing market settles in a new place and housing availability and credit availability are at appropriate levels.”

Twitter Reacts

Some commenters called the now-viral Pismo Beach property their “dream house.” Others, however, couldn’t understand its appeal, arguing the property—specifically the tree house—comes with a variety of potential problems.

“Can’t wait for that root structure to destroy the foundation,” Rubin Safaya wrote.

In response, Rachel J. said: “Or termites to enjoy that tree as it dies and decays leaving the home wrecked.”

Gordie commented: “Imagine all the ants crawling around your house ew.”

Kristofer agreed, saying: “Ugh…bugs.”

Natalie joked: “$3.8m to concuss myself on the first day in the house.”

User Chef54, meanwhile, tagged a friend in the post, writing: “Here’s a tree house for you! Or, would you prefer the cave?”

Their friend responded: “None of the above?”

Brandon asked, “What the f**k?” while Granny Hawkins asked, “But why?”

Newsweek reached out to the home’s listing agent, Amy Gallagher, for comment.

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And in March, a Georgia home listing with an NSFW pool design went viral on Instagram.

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