Loving Living VR: A Jobless GIRL’s [Guy IRL] BL – News

Manga launches digitally in May

Irodori Sakura, the English localization imprint of Japanese dojinshi publisher Irodori Comics, announced on Wednesday that it has licensed Yoikono tt’s indie manga Loving Living VR: A Jobless GIRL’s [Guy IRL] BL.

Irodori Sakura describes the story:

Jobless, bored, and struggling to find a place in life, Izumi turns to VR to live vicariously through a sexy female avatar and make new friends. It’s in this virtual world that he meets Haru, another man who inspires him to follow his passions from him… and not long after, he falls head over heels in love.

The company will release the manga digitally on its website in May, and it will subsequently release it on other digital platforms.

Source: Press release

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