Netflix Approves Immersive Experience Based on ‘Squid Game’ in NYC

A new “immersive” experience based on the brutally unforgiving world of Squid Game will soon be available in New York City. Netflix has partnered up with Immersive Gamebox to create an hour-long virtual reality game based on the South Korean drama about how we’re all trapped in a capitalist survival competition that is slowly killing us all. (Leave it to a billion dollar entertainment conglomerate to figure out a way to monetize a scathing critique of our economic system). Starting in September, fans will be able to sign up for the game at a new venue in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Groups of two to six players will put on VR visors and try to make it through six challenges from the show, including a fatal version of red light-green light and tug of war, though they probably won’t kill you if you lose. Netflix has helped design similar experiences around stranger things and Bridgerton. In another perversion of the moralistic cautionary tale that is Squid GameNetflix is ​​also developing a reality show based on the series.

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