New book explores climate threats to ‘home’ and how to protect ours

Madeline Ostrander’s “At Home on an Unruly Planet” is a breath of fresh air in a world increasingly polluted by fossil fuels, a moment of calm in our most tempestuous existential crisis.

Through chapters chronicling four challenges Americans in different parts of the country are currently experiencing as a result of climate change, the Seattle-based journalist documents our unraveling natural world in narratives that feel like a bedtime story, interspersed with essays about the future that feel like hope.

In Part One of the 352-page book, released August 2 by Henry Holt and Company Publishers, readers learn about a community in Washington state that comes together to study and respond to worsening western wildfires; about historic preservationists in Florida racing to save one of America’s oldest cities from being claimed by rising seas; about an Alaskan village forced to flee its eroding river banks; and about residents trying to thrive amid sun-eclipsing refinery explosions in the shadow of northern California’s Mount Tamalpais.

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