Nonprofit talks about safe spaces for students

“Teaching a Generation” joins “In Focus” to explain how the nonprofit provides a safe space for young people and the knowledge to fight systemic obstacles.

Reverend Al Cohen, executive director of TAG, discusses how it’s helping our city’s youth, especially those in undesirable, high-risk situations. TAG helps the city’s underrepresented youth create a better perspective in life and also stands for Teens Against Guns.

Janet Cohen, program director for TAG, explains how the program raises awareness of the rise in gun violence. According to the NYPD, youth perpetrators make up 14% of all arrests. TAG bridges the gap between our city’s youth and the law by pairing them with community leaders, like the NYPD, activists, therapists and religious leaders.

Many were born into a life with systemic racial and economic obstacles. According to the CDC, teens are more likely to carry guns if they experience violence themselves or use illegal drugs. Rev. Cohen explains how TAG provides stepping stones for progress for individuals in the community. TAG youth lead anti-gun violence rallies, marches and corner occupations.

In New York City, gun arrests are at a 27-year-high. Cohen explains what more she believes should be done to address youth violence.

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