NVIDIA preparing liquid-cooled A100 PCIe ‘Ampere’ accelerator

NVIDIA A100 with liquid-cooling

We received a photo of the upcoming new variant of the A100 Tensor Core GPU.

The A100 based on GA100 “Ampere” GPU is a predecessor to H100 Hopper data-center accelerator. The new liquid-cooled variant is based on A100 PCIe based model released in June last year. This is not the SXM variant which is used for the HGX/DGX A100 systems.

While it’s nothing extraordinary for a data-center GPU to get liquid cooling, this model appears to be NVIDIA’s own sleek design with tubing connectors on the rear, right next to the 8-pin power connector.

A100 with NVIDIA liquid-cooling, Source: VideoCardz/NVIDIA

One should note that liquid-cooling for A100 accelerators is already widely available, except it requires manual replacement of the passive dual-slot cooler. Passive cooling may not be ideal for workstation systems where sufficient airflow is required. This is probably why NVIDIA opted for the A100 SXM variant for its DGX A100 Station, using sophisticated refrigerant cooling.

A100 with custom liquid-cooling, Source: VideoCardz

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