Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Drop Big Time Tomorrow & These Spots Got The Savings

Daily commuters rejoice! Ontario gas prices are finally set to drop again, and you’ll want to hold off on filling up because the savings are no joke.

According to Dan McTeaguegas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, provincial pumps will drop by 6 cents a liter on Thursday, bringing totals down to 173.9 for areas like Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Niagara, and Windsor.

The dip comes after most of the province recorded no change for five days last week, leaving motorists paying a less-than-ideal rate of 179.9 cents per liter.

Ironically, Peterborough, Ontario’s cheapest place for gas, will remain a part of the no-change gang, stuck at a comparatively blissful 167.6 cents per liter.

The second lowest rates are being offered by Cornwall, which, if all goes as planned, will drop by 2 cents on Thursday, leaving it at 170.9 cents per litre.

On the other end of the spectrum, Sudbury, the province’s most soul-sucking in terms of gas prices, will see things drop to 181.6 cents per liter after a two-cent drop.

Nothing to celebrate, but it beats the heck out of another increase, especially considering what a loose cannon this summer has been for energy markets.

Price fluctuations have forced most of the province’s drivers to pay over $2 a liter numerous times this season, which is about as fun as waiting in a Service Canada line.

On the bright side, the government’s recent gas tax cut has been helping bring prices down, but staying updated on the state of the markets remains a must.

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