Radcliffe AC run to raise £10k for Brain Tumor Research

A remarkable teenager is honoring his twin’s memory almost one year after his death with the help of the Radcliffe Athletic Club.

Matthew Pullan, died in September 2021 at the age of 18, from a brain tumor, discovered by an MRI in 2020, after falling multiple times whilst running.

Matthew Pullan (left) Alex Pullan (Right)

His twin, Alex, now 19, an aerospace and astronomical engineering student at Kingston University, said: “Matthew was my best friend as well as my twin.

“He was funny, loving, caring towards others and a well-respected member of the running club at Radcliffe AC.

“I have donated a lot of fundraising in the past for Brain Tumor Research and my last fundraiser reached £16,000.”

This time, 33 members of Radcliffe Athletic Club will be joining Alex to do the Great North Run almost one year after Matthews’s death.

The Bolton News: Radcliffe AC and Matthew Pullan Radcliffe AC and Matthew Pullan

Radcliffe AC has now raised a total of £1,459, 14 per cent of their £10,000 target, which, if met in full will equate to four days’ worth of brain tumor research.

Matthew was initially diagnosed with an ependymoma brain tumor at the age of three, however, after its removal in 2006, he lived an active lifestyle, representing his school in basketball, cricket and football as well as running for Radcliffe athletic club.

Before Matthew died, he and Alex raised thousands of pounds for charity and Radcliffe athletic club is hoping to do the same.

Alex added: “Raising money for Brain Tumor Research means people won’t have to go through the ordeal Matthew and my family did.

“The aim is to raise £10,000 which is four days of full research in the labs, meaning we will be four days closer to finding a cure.”

For more information on how to donate, click here.

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