Rishi Sunak can’t offer tax cuts to counter lagging position in the polls, ally suggests

Rishi Sunak cannot offer tax cuts just to increase his popularity, one of his allies suggested as the former Chancellor trails Liz Truss in the polls.

Mr Sunak would currently lose his head-to-head leadership contest with the Foreign Secretary among Conservative members by 62 per cent to 38 per cent, a YouGov survey suggested last night.

Robert Halfon, the chairman of the education select committee, insisted the former Chancellor was “not making promises he can’t keep” and would cut taxes once inflation was under control.

He told Sky News: “Polls come and polls go. I believe that when he makes his case more members will come and support him. They know he’s not making promises he can’t keep and that’s the important thing.

“If he wanted to be popular he could say everything and anything about tax cuts, but we’ve got to deal with the debt.”

Ms Truss, who has promised to cut taxes to the tune of around £38 billion, warned yesterday that Mr Sunak’s current tax policy would lead Britain into a recession.

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