Savings for young drivers | Brimbank & North West

New drivers in Brimbank are set to save when going for their learner and provisional licences.

License fees have been slashed under the new initiative from the Victorian government, with learner drivers saving $51.40 in license and online testing fees, while provisional drivers will save $133.30 in license and online hazard perception tests.

From Monday, August 22, Victoria’s online learner permit and hazard perception tests will be free.

The tests were converted to online last year and the Victorian government says 90 per cent of new drivers are taking the test online.

Roads and Road Safety Minister Ben Carroll said getting your license is one of the most significant milestones in one’s life.

“This puts money back into the pockets of Victorian families and makes it easier to unlock all the opportunities that come with a driver licence,” he said.

From October 1, drivers without penalty in the past three years will also benefit as part of the safe drivers discount, they will receive a 25 per cent discount on their next license renewal, saving up to $73 on a 10-year license.


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