Scarborough restaurants: Two licenses issued last week (Apr. 25) | food&drink

The City of Toronto issued two restaurant licenses to businesses in the Scarborough area in the past week:

• Nawab’s at 1348 Kennedy Road (issued to 2590016 Ontario Corp. on April 21)

• Paradise Shawarma at 3103 Kingston Road (issued to 1000060763 Ontario Inc. on April 23)

About this report

This report was automatically generated using open data collected and maintained by the City of Toronto.

Restaurants and other establishments that store, prepare or sell food to the public must have a valid license, and licenses must be renewed annually.

Existing restaurants will appear on this list following a transfer of ownership that also includes a change to the establishment’s operating name, or if the restaurant’s previous business license was allowed to expire.

Operating without a valid business license can result in fines, closure orders and other penalties. In 2021, 96 complaints were submitted by the public via 311 regarding restaurants operating without a valid license, according to the city.

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