Shining a light on environmentally sustainable design with Verosol and Smart Design Studio

Walking into Smart Design Studio’s (SDS) Alexandria’s office, it’s clear that the space is an embodiment of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD). In keeping with the studio’s overarching design philosophy – firmly anchored by the principles of sustainability – SDS’s inner-west headquarters are a mindfully curated expression of the studio’s decision not to make environmentally inconsiderate design choices as part of their practice.

“Concern for the environment informs everything we do at Smart Design Studio,” explains Maggie Lum, a Team Leader and Associate at SDS. “It’s a top priority for all aspects of our operations, from design and material choice to how we handle our own office waste.”

With the measured palette boasting a range of bright whites and gentle neutrals, the honest appeal of raw textures and the comfortable allure of natural light permeating the space, the interiors are defined by a calming, comfortable ambience. But this sense of comfort doesn’t come solely from the careful selection of color and materials.\

A result of recent renovation, the interiors have been transformed to incorporate the principles of passive design, and feature underfloor cooling, and fans, alongside an extensive selection of Verosol’s performance blinds incorporated all throughout. The range in question, Verosol’s signature SilverSreen Performance, is renowned for its unmatched ability to reflect up to 85% of solar radiation. This means the blinds can help maintain comfortable temperatures and reduce glare, allowing the studio to function comfortably throughout hot Sydney summers without air conditioning – and reducing the energy required to cool down the building, at the same time.

But the innovative product remains useful all year around. “In the colder months, our blinds can be used to harvest the sun,” explains Jules Di Bartolomeo, Verosol’s Managing Director. “You can put them up to allow the sun in, and then put the blinds down again to keep the warmth in. So there are energy and cost savings where heating is involved, too.”

While the blinds help create a healthier environment on the inside, and reduce energy and CO2 emissions in the process, they also provide a high level of transparency, allowing the occupants to maintain the visual connection with the outdoors. Similarly, while they reduce glare and heat, they don’t block natural light – crucial both for the comfort of the occupants, and as a visual element which so clearly forms part of the overarching design of the studio.

As a result, the high-performance product helps generate a pleasant interior that looks good and feels it too. “It’s a comfortable, naturally lit environment, in which all the blinds and windows are controlled by a building management system, which in turn, operates according to weather forecasting,” says Maggie. And it is the automation element that enables the study to truly harness the potential of Veorsol’s innovative fabrics.

“Having the best performing textiles on a window in the right place, at the right time, all the time – and without the need for human intervention really is the epitome of integration between humans and their living and working environments,” Jules explains.

The innovative product perfectly underscores the partnership between Smart Design Studio and Verosol. The architectural practice is committed to creating spaces in line with the Environmentally Sustainable Design principles – and prioritizing their sustainability agenda as part of their design ethos. Verosol is a brand that not only understands and accommodates these environmental motivations – but enables them through their advanced product range, and prioritizes them as part of their own sustainability journey.

The global leader in performance window coverings takes great pride in focusing not only on how their products perform and how they’re made – but also what impact they have on the environment. “All of our manufacturing plants in Australia and in Holland are powered by solar energy, and the drive to create sustainable solutions that generate a more sustainable environment is entrenched in our DNA,” says Jules.

And while Verosol’s extensive product range and business operations are underpinned by the innate commitment to reducing environmental impact, while creating better indoor environments, the brand ensures that architects and designers don’t have to compromise on performance, nor their design vision.

“Regardless of colour, our metallized products offer the same performance, energy savings, reduction of CO2 – and reduction of costs,” explains Jules. “We have been innovating it for years, and we’re very proud of that achievement.” He adds that all Verosol products are made in Australia which enables the brand to conduct thorough quality control.“We spend more time checking our blinds than making them,” he says with a smile.“We take great pride in having extremely low error rates. , and take ensuring that our products not only look but work exceptionally well incredibly seriously.”

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