Simple and meditative, Taehyoung Jeon crafts organic forms out of abstract shapes

“One of my joys is to look at my plants and study their growth and changes everyday,” Taehyoung Jeon tells It’s Nice That. Inspired by the potted plants which fill her de ella apartment, Taehyoung combines careful observation with her imagination to create meditative digital plant drawings. Each plant is crafted from a combination of pleasing abstract forms, brought together in simple and balanced compositions. Deep leafy green tones reappear throughout her work de ella, bespeckled with delicate details and lines in bright reds, pinks and oranges. “It’s super cliche,” she adds, “but I love the colors of Van Gogh and Chagall.”

“Art has always been a part of my life,” says Taehyoung. From the age of four, all she needed “to have fun” was a drawing pen and a paper. Later she went on to study a BA in animation followed by a MA in print-making. For a long time, the logistical considerations of making prints had a big impact on her visual style of Taehyoung’s work. “I had to think about how many layers it needed or what kind of shapes or lines would look better for a certain printmaking method,” she explains. “On top of this, I felt like I needed to do sophisticated art that also has deep meaning to it.”

Recently, however, Taehyoung has been enjoying the freedom of drawing digitally. Last year she joined an artist community group where she was encouraged to start drawing without worrying about the printmaking process. “This is when I started to draw my plants because they were everywhere in my apartment and I didn’t have to think too much about it.” The change of subject and medium felt “natural and easy”, says Taehyoung – almost like “ meditating”.

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