Staunton Jams to return Memorial Day Weekend after four year hiatus

STAUNTON — Molly Murphy is making a list of all the sponsors she and her other bandmates have collected for an upcoming concert and arts festival that will take place Memorial Day Weekend. She’s sorting all the details out, hammering out the schedule and jotting down notes as her bandmate, William Howard, informs her of other sponsors that they have OK’d the event.

Staunton Jams is back and it’s going to be bigger than it has even been before.

You may have heard of it. It’s a blast from the past. And it’ll be a little different than before.

Originally, Staunton Jams started in 2004 as a biannual music event hosted by Baja Bean’s Sarah Lynch that shut down West Beverley Street in between North Augusta Street and Central Avenue. It was always held the Saturday on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends and showcased local bands from noon until 10 pm

The last time it was held was 2018.

After four years Murphy and her band The Judy Chops, along with WQSV, are rebooting the effort, with some new additions.

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