The Wife of Cedric McMillan Issues Statement About His Passing

The wife of the late Cedric McMillan issues statement.

Patty McMillan, the wife of the late Cedric McMillanrecently issued a public statement regarding the passing of the popular bodybuilder.

Since the unexpected passing of Cedric McMillan the bodybuilding world has been in a state of shock. So many bodybuilders have died in recent years at relatively young ages as well. It has left so many fans and even competitors filled with concern and fear about the state of bodybuilding. Many are even asking the question if bodybuilding is even worth it at this point.

There’s no question that Cedric McMillan passing away so suddenly has triggered many different conversations. But perhaps the most important aspect of McMillan’s tragic passing is how he’s affected his family. Leaving behind a wife and four children, the bodybuilder’s passing has left a major hole in the McMillan family.

Patty McMillan Issues Statement

Now, several days after his passing, the wife of Cedric McMillan, Patty, has issued a statement. In the statement she cleared up a few questions surrounding the bodybuilder’s death. She also stated that a memorial service will be held for McMillan this Friday. You can see her full statement below.

On behalf of the McMillan family, we want to thank you all for your love, support, and beautiful tributes to my beloved husband.

Thank you for respecting our privacy as our family tries to process the hurt of losing our gentle giant.

We only ask the community to remember that off stage Cedric was a husband, father, brother and son and that words do hurt.

Things we have seen reported in the media/online, including his cause of death, family, and even where he is from, are filled with incorrect information.

Cedric’s cause of death is unknown at this time. It did not occur on a treadmill, nor is it known to be the result of past COVID or vaccinations.

Please remember that if the statement is not from the family, it probably isn’t true. Thank you.

*NOTE: Since the time of the original story being published, Patty McMillan has made her Instagram posts private. Above is the quote of the statement made via her original Instagram post by her.

The Generation Iron team once again extends condolences to the family and friends of the late, great Cedric McMillan.

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