This Ridiculously Cheap New Bus Lets You Explore Ontario Cities Starting From $6.99

The summer isn’t over just yet, and there’s so much ground to cover. But, instead of spending money on gas, maybe hop on a bus and see where those savings take you!

On Wednesday, Flixbus, a bus service, introduced a new line of routes you certainly want to check out.

Starting on August 4, people in Ontario can now hop on a bus for so cheap to places like Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor and Kitchener.

In other words, the new lines will run between Windsor-Toronto-Ottawa and Kitchener-Hamilton-Niagara Falls.

“With the debut of new lines to Windsor and additional connections between Kitchener, Hamilton and Niagara Falls, Canadian travelers have more compelling options for affordable, convenient and sustainable travel for short or long-haul trips,” Flixbus stated in a press release sent to Narcity.

The bus service in Windsor will run six days a week and connect people to London, Hamilton, Toronto, Scarborough and Ottawa.

“Windsor is one of the last major cities in Ontario to be connected to FlixBus’ growing network with a metro population of more than 400k residents who will now have direct access to bus service,” the affordable bus service added.

On the other hand, introducing the Kitchener to Hamilton, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls line will help connect tourists and residents to explore more parts of the province and help students travel when schools start again.

Flixbus says they are connecting “two vital university cities” to give students a low travel cost option as they head back to being on campus.

Of course, prices differ depending on your chosen route, but if you’re going from Hamilton to St.Catharines, that short bus ride will cost you $6.99 and features air conditioning, comfortable seats and Wi-Fi.

Say hello to affordable luxury!

For example, a one-way ticket from Kitchener to Niagara Falls costs around $13, while Windsor to Toronto costs $44.

And if you’re interested in taking a long bus ride from Windsor to Ottawa to visit Parliament Hill, then know that the 10-hour ride costs around $55 one way.

So, get those backpacks ready and start riding the bus because Ontario is too beautiful not to explore.

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