UPDATE: OCDSB cancels classes for Tuesday May 24

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) has made the decision to cancel classes on Tuesday, May 24 as the board deals with the aftermath of Saturday afternoon’s storm.

In a letter sent to parents on May 23, the OCDSB noted half of its schools are currently without power. The closure includes Ottawa Carleton Virtual, Adult High School, and the McHugh Outdoor Education Center.

No virtual classes will take place on Tuesday either.

“Over the past 24 hours, our facilities staff have been inspecting schools,” a letter from Camille Williams-Taylor, OCDSB director of education said. “There are a number of schools with downed trees, broken branches, and debris. Work has already begun on clean-up, prioritizing the removal of anything that poses a safety risk. Given the breadth of the storm, it may take several weeks to fully complete the clean-up of fallen leaves and broken branches.”

Castor Valley Elementary School in Greely sustained damage to its roof and will be closed for in-person learning. Families at this school will receive more information directly.

“In addition to damage and debris on school property, we are working with colleagues at the City of Ottawa and Hydro Ottawa to assess the impact of the storm on the roads, sidewalks, trees and power infrastructure in each school community,” the letter said . “At this point, it seems that power outages, transportation services, and safe vehicle/pedestrian access to schools could affect school operations on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. While we are working to re-open schools, families should prepare for the possibility of school and childcare cancellations or closures on Tuesday.”

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