Victor Solomon ‘Sunflower Vessel’ Sculpture Basketball

Although it’s the start of August, it’s always basketball season for Victor Solomon. Most recently in the past, the Boston-born, Los Angeles-based artist worked closely with the NBA to unveil a suite of new trophies, including the new Kobe Bryant Trophy awarded to the All-Star Game MVP, along with the new-look Larry O’Brien.

Solomon returns to the world of sculptures in a new set of limited-edition pieces,titled Sunflower Vessel. Releasing in both a ‘Half’ and ‘Full’ iteration, each sculpture is reminiscent of his past vessel series—such as fragment — with this latest entry being filled with synthetic sunflower embedment.

“The basketball is a vessel – a vessel for competition, a vessel for community, a vessel for creativity,” said the artist in a statement.

Sunflower Vessel sizes in at 200mm for the ‘Full’ size and 100mm for the ‘Half’ iteration. As an edition of 100, each crystal basketball is hand painted with gold enamel and available to purchase via Literally Balling.

In related news, we recently visited Victor at his new DTLA studio.

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