VyTrac Announces Behavioral Health Expert and Psychiatrist at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior to Join as Strategic Advisor

VyTrac is guiding the behavioral health community to innovate the standard of care into a precision medicine model by tracking standardized assessments in a consistent manner, between visits illustrating real world patient experiences that otherwise would not be captured during a face-to-face visit. As psychiatric symptoms are often elusive, this new era of healthcare innovation will allow for the use and integration of personalized health data to improve the accuracy of psychiatric diagnoses and better monitoring of treatments.

“Utilizing self-reported patient data from standardized assessments, in addition to physiological information from medical grade hardware, VyTrac is able to provide actionable insight and alter treatment plans to improve care and patient outcomes,” said Dr. Patel. “VyTrac provides a more comprehensive picture of a patient’s psychiatric presentation that will help primary care with triaging and treatment of mental illness.”

VyTrac brought in Dr. Patel because of his expertise in both adult and adolescent psychiatry to enhance how digital health data can be integrated to have a better understanding of a patient as a whole. This course of oversight and accountable treatment plans will lead to better care and improved outcomes.

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SOURCE VyTrac Health, Inc.

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