Where to find 7 Inch Waffle House penis waffles in Vancouver

It seems like Vancouver can’t get enough of these seven-inch penis-shaped waffles.

After opening its first location in Richmond in early May, 7-inch Waffle House is bringing its NSFW waffles to Vancouver.

The waffle house is opening its second location at 107-223 West Broadway just in time for the August long weekend. The bigger space also comes with a new waffle.

“We will be launching our newest body part which is the ‘creampie’ waffle (vagina shaped),” wrote the owner in an email to Vancouver Is Awesome. The latest waffle will also come with add-on scoops of ice cream drizzled with chocolate or caramel syrup.

Waffle fans can expect a variety of flavors on the opening day.

“Will be serving classic Dickie waffles with a new and improved recipe. Will have milk chocolate, white chocolate, matcha (green tea), and espresso flavor dips available with a variety of sprinkles including Oreo, Skors toffee, creme brûlée and more,” the owner adds. The “creampie” waffle will be dipped in the same flavours.

The royal pink-themed store will be opening on Friday (July 29) and will have plenty of space for curious locals to sit and enjoy the waffles. The store will also have a floral wall for the perfect Instagram photo of the eye-catching treats.

“Perfect for bachelorette parties to stop by!” the owner adds.

The waffle house has a bigger menu in the works too.

“We will also be planning on offering drinks at a later date and even more body parts in the near future. As well, with the much bigger space, we plan to launch a vegan waffle variety,” the owner shares in the email, adding that vegan waffles and in-house made drinks will make an appearance mid-August.

Those craving a phallic- or yonic-themed waffle can stop by the Vancouver location Tuesdays through Thursdays from 2-8 pm, Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 9 pm and on Sundays from noon to 8 pm The waffle house will be closed on Mondays.

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